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Bafang E-bike upgrade kits:

This is our mtb test bike with the 250watt Bafang electric motor kit; Get in touch to have a ride and feel the power for yourself.

At Apps Cycle Works we can supply and fit Bafang e-bike electric motor upgrade kits to your existing bicycle.  The kits will fit many but not all types of bike; get in touch to find out if yours is compatible.  

Bafang produce many variants on their motors, batteries and control units; currently we use the 250watt motors, 10ah batteries and control units are limited to 15.5mph pedal assist to keep within UK e-bike regulations.  Other options can be discussed according to your needs (for example you may want more powerful motors for private land use).

Apps Cycle Works will need to 'safety check' your bicycle (safety check included within kit fitting price) to make sure its compatible with the kit and safe to take the extra loads associated.  We will not go ahead with the upgrade if your brakes, drivetrain, bearings and or other parts are not good enough or in poor condition (quotes will be provided for any repair or upgrades required).


Bafang 250w motor, 10ah battery, handlebar control unit, all fitting/wiring, safety check on your bike and one month post fitting check-up.



-Apps Cycle Works will guarantee all original parts associated with the  Bafang e-bike upgrade supplied and fitted by us against manufacturing  defects for one year from date of collection.

-Any extra parts fitted by a third party may void any warranty claims.

-Crash damage or poor maintenance is not covered and may  void any  future warranty claims.

-Please note that your bike will be heavier and more powerful therefore  extra strain and accelerated wear should be expected on all components  of your bicycle including but not limited to brakes, chain and gear parts  and all bearings.  

-Fitting of this kit (even by us) will almost certainly void your  original warranty on the bike.  You may want to check with your original  bike manufacturer before going ahead. 

-It is your responsibility to regularly check all fittings are tight and  correctly adjusted. A safety check/adjustment after one month of use is  included in our fitting cost; failure to supply the bike to us for this check  will void all future warranty claims.

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