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Here at Apps Cycle Works we are very proud of our workshop.  

We offer everything from basic puncture jobs to full bike strip downs and rebuilds.  

We can help you get the best out of your bike.  

If you can't see what you need listed below or you need more details please get in touch.

Childs bike service:  £50 (plus parts)

  • Full safety check, gear and brake adjustment, tyre inflation, adjustment of all moving parts (where possible), full bike bolt check.

  • Childs bike=24"wheel or smaller

Safety Check £45

  • Inflate and check tyres for wear/damage, frame and major component wipe and inspect for wear/damage, note any worn or damaged parts and quote for replacements, bolt check wheels/handle bars/pedals/brake parts/gear parts.

Standard Service: £65 (plus parts)

  • Full safety check, all worn parts noted and replacements quoted for, gear and brake adjustment, all control cables lubed, tyre check and inflation, adjustment of all moving parts (where possible), full bike bolt check.

Full Service: £160 (plus parts)

  • Drivetrain degreased, hubs stripped and re-greased, headset stripped and re-greased, bottom bracket parts removed cleaned and refitted, wheels trued and spokes tightened

  • Plus everything from standard service.

Bike Clean: (from) £35

(only £15 when bought with a service)
  • Drivetrain degreased, full bike wash with Muc-Off, drivetrain re-lube, control cables re lubed, braking surfaces de-greased.

  • (extra charge if parts are removed to clean)

Brompton Service - Options:

  • Standard or Full service as above, includes inspection of hinges and pivots.

  • Rear hinge bush and spindle replacement : £60 (parts included)

Gear Service: £35

  • Drivetrain wipe and re-lube, inspect chain/sprockets and derailleurs for wear or damage and quote for replacement parts needed, cables lubricated, stop adjuster screws reset, cable tensions adjusted and gears realigned.

Brake Service: £35

  • Brake component wipe and re-lube, inspect all brake parts for wear or damage and quote for new parts as necessary, cables lubricated, spring tensions reset, brakes realigned, braking surfaces degreased.


  • Assemble and safety check new 'boxed' bike  : £75

  • Full custom build bike from parts : from £160 (contact for quote, price depends on parts and extent of build)

  • Puncture repair (or tyre change) : £15 per wheel plus price of parts

  • Install tyre sealant into your tubes: £15 per tube (does not include price of new tube but does include sealant)

  • True Wheel (remove and use jig) : £25 

  • Wheel build : from £60 

  • Bleed Brake : £30 per brake or : £45  both 

  • Service or replace bottom bracket bearings : £40 (£25 with service)

  • Service or replace headset bearings : £40 (£25 with service)

  • Suspension fork lower leg service :  from £50 (not including seals/parts, call or email for quote)

  • Rear shock air can service : from £40 (not including seals/parts, call or email for quote)

  • Wheel hub service : £35 (£20 with service)

  • Fit new external brake or gear cable : £30 plus cable (no extra labour if part of service)

  • Fit new internal routed brake or gear cable : £40 plus price of cable (£5 labour as part of service)

  • Suspension frame bearing remove / replace : from £60 

  • Rear mech hanger alignment : £15 (not always possible - ask)

  • Fork steerer cut down : from £20

  • Tubeless tyre conversion pair : £75 (includes tape, valves, sealant for two wheels)

  • Tubeless tyre conversion single wheel : £55 (includes pair of valves, tape for one wheel, and sealant for one wheel)

  • Tubeless tyre fitting with customer supplied parts : £40 per wheel (does not include tape, sealant or valves)

  • Tubeless tape fitted to one wheel : £15

  • Sealant top up in existing setup : £15 per wheel

  • All other jobs quoted at £50/per hour labour plus parts 

Workshop labour prices for general jobs :

Please note prices do not include sundries e.g. nuts/bolts/oils etc

Most shops and workshops have different service and repair options and charge many different prices.  Of course the level of work also differs between mechanics and workshops.  We have tried to make our prices as competitive as possible while still offering top quality work on every job.  If you'd like to discuss exactly what goes on in our workshop or just want to say hello please get in touch via email, Facebook or phone.

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