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Made Using Renewable Plant Based Materials

NATURE BIO is one of the world’s first sports bottles made using plant based plastic.  Unlike traditional oil based plastics, NATURE BIO uses the latest in Biopolymer Chemistry Technology to transform a renewable resource into an exceptionally high quality plastic.

NATURE BIO BOTTLE is made from Braskem® Green Polyethylene.


  • Green Polyethylene is made from Bio Ethanol instead of fossil fuel
  • Bio Ethanol is extracted from the fermentation process of sugar cane which is a renewable energy source.
  • During the growth cycle, the sugar cane crop absorbs & repairs CO² in the atmosphere, significantly reducing greenhouse gases.
  • Bio Ethanol reduces the global reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Bio Ethanol is fully recyclable.
  • Bio Ethanol delivers carbon offset without having to go and plant a tree!


Every refill of the Bio Bottle reduces the number of single use water bottles used.

To enhance the green credentials further when your Nature Bio bottle finally reaches end of life it can be sent for recycling through most local council kerbside recycling schemes (Recycling code 4).

Apps Cycle Works Bidon / Bio Bottle

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